Best Selling Pedicure Chairs 2021


Best Selling Pedicure Chairs 2021!

Whenever a customer enters into the spa, his or her primary concern is always over comfort, peace of mind and relaxing atmosphere. These things are only possible if you have the right set of furniture and pedicure chairs. Investing to grow your customer base is the number one marketing tactic for any business. Whalespa is one of the best brand for pedicure chairs which are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Let’s have a look at its various types of pedicure chairs.

Crane White Edition

The most recent addition to the wide array of Whalespa product is the Crane White Edition. As the name suggest, it is made up with white components. Each and every part of this product is pure white which gives a look of coolness, comfort and relaxation. It is equipped with a unique floral shaped crystal basin to which the name of mother of pearl has been given. This pedicure chair includes dual led lights which enhance the beauty of crystal basin when it is seen with different angles. When it comes to the comfort of the body, Crane white edition offers a relaxing Italian leather seat with a technician power seat controller and white Enduro Leather™ wrapped armrests. Adjustable foot rest, foldable trays and purse hook features are also available in this product. Apart from this, Chevron pedicure stool is also included with this product.

Crane Pedicure Chair

It is just like the Crane White Edition product as we discussed above but lacks the features of white Enduro Leather™ wrapped armrests tops and trays. It is available in glossy black or white base with a choice of 100 cushion colors to match the color theme of your salon.

Valentino Lux Pedicure Chair

Whalespa has developed this product after investing years of development. It was designed to meet the demands of customers and fully meets the metrics of durability, comfort and beauty. It is the product made up of custom parts with stain resistant and antimicrobial Enduro leather. The primary focus of launching this product is to introduce the luxury line of products to the saloon industry which was missing this from a very long period of time. Like above products, adjustable foot rest, foldable trays and purse hook features are also available in this product. The dimension of this product is L 56” x W 30” x H 52” - 289 lbs/set.

Alden Crystal Pedicure Chair

The Whalespa product has been recognized by various entities and it has won various prestigious awards in the industry such as Nails Magazine Readers Choice Award and Nail Pro Magazine’s Nail Pro Award. This chair has been made up with highest pure leather imported from Italy. The result is marvelous that a customer can feel easily while he or she sits on the chair. The trim of this leather seat can be customized to any color in order to match the needs of your spa color theme. Like any other product of Whalespa, it comes with unique floral shaped crystal basin with LED lights. In order to improve the features, there are accessories available which you can add up such as optional iPad holder, real wood arms and a purse hook.

Whale Spa Manufacture Salon Furniture Since 1987

  1. All in one - When we look in the pedicure chair industry, there are so many manufacturer of this product. But, they lack plenty of things which Whalespa offers. They do not offer comfort, beauty and luxury in a single product. As a result, you get a product which does not align with your slogan and customer’s requirement.
  2. Service - After sales service is an important factor while going to buy any product. Here, the most of the suppliers of pedicure chairs are far behind and Whalespa wins the race. They are prompt in providing you the quality service which others do not provide.
  3. Warranty - All Whalespa products comes with a 2 year warranty which means you have sufficient time to use the product without any tension. In case, any wrong thing happens, Whalespa is behind you to resolve the issue in a timely manner.
  4. Quality – As the pedicure chairs are meant for comfort and relaxation, Whalespa is the only manufacturer that offers genuine Italian leather seats which are best in providing comfort and durability. The massage mechanism is commercial grade that can sit up to 550 lbs. Caresst massage unit is the topnotch premium pedicure massage chair in the market that they offer 2 year warranty.
  5. Design - Whale Spa innovative design and trend is always up to date. They have over 100 leather colors made in U.S. that you can choose to match with your salon's theme.

    Whalespa is the pioneer in the pedicure chairs industry since1987 and has been recognized by various entities. In short, we can say that Whalespa is the second name of comfort, luxury and beauty, a must have for your spa and nail salon.

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